GGJ 2016 Dimulai, Saatnya Berinovasi, Bereksperimen dan Berkolaborasi!

Antusiasme developer Indonesia tahun ini semakin besar. Jumlah peserta di beberapa kota MEMBLUDAK!

GGJ 2016 Dimulai, Saatnya Berinovasi, Bereksperimen dan Berkolaborasi!

Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2016 resmi dimulai hari Jum'at, 29 Januari 2016 kemarin. Dalam akhir pekan ini, inovasi, eksperimen dan kolaborasi dari developer seluruh dunia dalam GGJ 2016 akan menghasilkan ribuan game yang menarik!

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Memasuki akhir Januari 2016 ini, para developer game di seluruh dunia "berpesta" dengan membuat game secara bersama-sama selama 48 jam penuh dalam GGJ 2016 Dimulai, Saatnya Berinovasi, Bereksperimen dan Berkolaborasi! Suasana pembukaan GGJ 2016 di Surabaya[/caption]

Selain satu tema tertentu, panitia pusat GGJ 2016 juga memberikan tema tambahan yang disebut dengan Diversifier yang bisa menjadi acuan peserta untuk membuat game-nya. Diversifier tidak harus dipakai dalam game yang dikembangkan, tetapi lebih kepada untuk menegaskan tema utama yang dipakai plus untuk menambah kompleksitas game. GGJ 2016 memberikan 23 Diversifiers yang bisa dipakai acuan untuk para jammer, lebih banyak dari tahun lalu yang hanya 14 antara lain:

  1. Comic Book Colours: Your Game Uses Only 4 Colours, With An Emphasis On Contrast 
- Accessibility, Art, Design, Pervasive
  2. LEGO Got It Right: There Are No Spoken Or Written Words In This Game. This Is Even True In The Instructions 
- Pervasive, Accessibility
  3. The Bard’s Tale: 2016 Is 400 Years Since The Death Of Shakespeare. Build A Game Around One Of His Works – Content
  4. A Local Game For Local People: Make A Game That Features Your Country, City, Or People That Jam Around You 
- Content, Theme
  5. Where In The World Is…: Gameplay Or Art Changes Depending On The Player’s Geographical Location (GPS, IP Location, Etc). The Game Experience Is Therefore Significantly Different For Players All Around The Globe – Art, Content, Design, Pervasive
  6. Crowd Sourced: Anyone Who Is Watching It Can Play Along!
- Design
  7. No Retreat, No Surrender: The Protagonist Is Unable To Go Anywhere But Forward, In Every Situation 
- Art, Content, Design, Theme
  8. Capture And Play – Bluetooth: Make A Game With Bluetooth Capabilities In Which Any Bluetooth Device Near The PC That Have The Game Would Interact With Something Inside The Game. (More Items, More Enemies, Another Challenger Player, Or Instant Co-Op, Etc)
 – Code
  9. Take Control:Instead Of The Usual Keyboard And Console Controllers, Your Game Must Use A Custom Controller
- Design, Accessibility
  10. Marco Polo: Create A Game That Contains No Graphical Output — All Information Is Conveyed To The Player Through Audio 
- Accessibility, Audio
  11. Gandhi’s Game: This Game Must Have Zero Violence In Its Game Play. Conflicts Must Have Resolutions Based On Logic 
- Design, Theme
  12. One Hand Tied Behind My Back: Create A Game That Can Be Played With Only One Hand. On Mobile Just One Hand Holding And Playing At The Same Time I.E. Just Play With Your Thumb. Desktop, Mouse Only Or Keyboard Only 
- Accessibility, Design, Serious
  13. Multijammer: Work Cooperatively With Other GGJ Sites Within Your Own Timezone 
 – Meta
  14. Story Mode: No Cutscenes, Textboxes Or Interruption Of Gameplay. Use Player Actions For All Your Storytelling – Content, Design, Accessibility
  15. Infinite: Your World Is Procedurally Generated 
- Code, Content
  16. Loudmouth: All Audio Assets Are Created By Sounds From Your Mouth
 – Audio
  17. What Was That?: Any Sound Featured Must Not Be Sourced From The Object In The Game Making That Sound 
- Audio
  18. Work And Play: The Game Requires The Player To Code/Learn To Code To Progress – Code, Serious
  19. Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children?: Your Team Must Use The Works From A Child Or Children – Meta
  20. Companion Screen: The Game Uses A Mobile Device As An Additional Screen To Show A Different Mode Or Portion Of The Game – Code, Design
  21. Common Ground: Make A Co-Op Game Playable By Players Who Have Very Different Levels Of Ability To Each Other – Accessibility
  22. Twitch Plays (Sponsored By Twitch): Create A Live Streamed Game Intended To Be Played Concurrently By The Masses On Twitch.
  23. Do You Even Care? (Sponsored By IThrive Games): Drawing From Guidance Materials From IThrive’s Subject Matter Experts, Make A Game That Teaches Empathy To Teens.

Di hari pertama penyelenggaraan, 29 Januari 2016 kemarin, Duniaku sendiri memantau langsung penyelenggaraan GGJ 2016 Indonesia di jam site Surabaya. Dari pantauan kami, penyelenggaraan GGJ 2016 tahun ini lebih meriah dibandingkan tahun lalu, terutama dari segi jumlah dan antusiasme peserta. Beberapa jam site mencatatkan jumlah peserta melebihi 100 orang. Contohnya Surabaya, dimana untuk diikuti kurang lebih 105 peserta dari berbagai kalangan, mulai dari developer game senior hingga siswa SMK!

GGJ 2016 Dimulai, Saatnya Berinovasi, Bereksperimen dan Berkolaborasi! Suasana pembentukan tim di Surabaya[/caption]

Duniaku akan terus memberikan liputan mengenai serunya pelaksanaan GGJ 2016 dan kamu bisa mengikutinya melalui artikel ini. Artikel ini akan terus di-update dengan berita-berita seputar GGJ 2016, jadi jangan lupa di-bookmark ya!

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