Resident Evil Revelations Review Round Up

Resident Evil masih belum berakhir ! 3 title sudah direncanakan rilis untuk tahun ini, diawali dengan Resident Evil Revelations untuk 3DS

Resident Evil kembali mencoba menarik kembali fansnya dengan merilis 3 gamenya sekaligus pada tahun ini. Pertama adalah Resident Evil 6 yang baru di-tease minggu lalu melalui trailer perdananya dan direncanakan untuk rilis pada November. Kemudian Resident Evil : Racoon City yang di develop oleh Slant Six, Racoon City akan dirilis pada kuartal awal 2012. Dan yang terakhir, Resident Evil Revelations untuk 3DS yang sebentar lagi akan rilis untuk handheld buatan Nintendo tersebut. Yuk lihat review-reviewnya :

Game Master : "One of the scariest games ever committed to handheld, and a spectacular return to form." (91%)

Nintendo Life : "Resident Evil Revelations is a truly impressive achievement, and the definitive 'mature' title on the 3DS. With production values worthy of a home console release, a significant volume of content, a blend of the series' different game styles and a subtly evolved control system, this title feels like a tribute to and progression of the franchise." (9/10)

Official Nintendo Magazine : "Dark, terrifying and brilliantly exciting, Revelations is a triumph on 3DS." (90%)

Nintendo Gamer Magazine : "A tasty blend of traditional Resi spooks and modern action pacing that, despite a few action hiccups, remains one of the most satisfying uses of 3DS to date. The third-party game to beat." (90)

IGN : "Resident Evil Revelations is a great handheld game, one that not only pushes the boundaries and standards of the Nintendo 3DS but one that recaptures a long-forgotten spirit of a classic franchise." (8.5)

Resident Evil Revelations Review Round Up

Wired : "Resident Evil Revelations is just the sort of thing Nintendo 3DS needs right now, a high-quality original production." (8/10)

Eurogamer : "Resident Evil: Revelations is gorgeous, huge, and offers the most fully-featured online co-op experience on 3DS. The single-player isn't quite the survival horror comeback Capcom promised but, with its brilliant take on score attack, Raid mode ensures Revelations delivers at least once on its title." (8/10)

Metro : "The best Resident Evil since number 4 and that's despite a number of compromises in the story mode, but very much helped by the superb graphics and online mode." (8/10)

Edge : "It takes the best and worst of Resident Evils past and present, and spot welds them together unevenly. If the designers had committed wholeheartedly to either polarity of action or horror, Revelations may have been a headshot, but what we're left with is more like a glancing blow." (6/10)

Videogamer : "Resident Evil: Revelations hooked long-time fans with the promise it would return to the series' survival horror roots, but couldn't resist an attempt at reaching a wider audience. Instead of producing a splintered and botched attempt at blending action and horror, Capcom should have stuck to its guns." (6/10)


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