Bermain Menguasai Darkness Dalam 'Vendetta' Bersama Temanmu

Siap-siap berkumpul ber-empat bersama temanmu menguasai Darkness dalam mode Vendetta ini

2K baru saja mengkonfirmasikan serta merilis informasi terbaru buy an essay online mengenai mode multiplayer dalam game terbarunya, The Darkness II. Dalam sekuelnya ini kamu dapat mengumpulkan spy i phone software 3 spy app for iphone temanmu untuk bermain berempat dalam mode coop Vendetta. Dalam Vendetta kamu dengan temanmu akan mengendalika4 karakter berbeda dengan 4 kekuatan darkness yang juga berbeda. Vendetta adalah mode yang tidak berhubungan dengan campaign. Bermain Menguasai Darkness Dalam 'Vendetta' Bersama Temanmu Inilah beberapa detail yang diungkap oleh 2k : Vendettas Campaign Mode A story that runs parallel to the single player game, e.g. there will be crossover during both campaigns. E.g. you will see Jackie in Vendettas).   The Hit List The hit list is a separate mode in vendettas that allows you to jump in and play or replay certain vendettas campaign missions and also play missions that are unique to Hit list. When starting for the first time, certain hit list missions are already available to you, the others will be personal statement help online unlocked as you progress through the vendettas campaign or as you complete missions in the hit list itself. Most missions are available to play single player offline, but certain missions require two players to play and complete.   Characters

  • Inugami: A a dark and mentally unstable character with revenge-driven motives against The Brotherhood and their allies for the slaughter of his entire spy phone instructions family in Japan. Darkness Weapon: Kusanagi sword Darkness Power: Swarm
  • Shoshanna: An ultra-efficient agent for Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Agency, who was sent to New York to combat a spike in Brotherhood activity. Her obedience and devotion to her superiors makes her a perfect operative. Darkness Weapon: Arm of the Night Darkness Power: Gun channelling
  • Jimmy Wilson: A product of inner-city Glasgow, Scotland, and a notorious alcoholic, Jimmy believes The Brotherhood is simply another form of the Hated English that persecuted his family in the past. Darkness Weapon: Dark Axe Darkness Power: Can Summon Darklings
  • J.P. DuMond: A former doctor from New Orleans, DuMond is burdened with guilt for using a form of Louisiana Voodoo to heal his patients Darkness Weapon: Midnight Stick Darkness Power: Black Hole  

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