Segalanya Tentang 3DS

3DS baru saja dirilis di Jepang. Mau tahu detail 3DS? Berikut adalah kompilasi F.A.Q, launch software, review, launch photo dan video, hingga podcast-nya. Enjoy!!

Segalanya Tentang 3DS

Segalanya Tentang 3DS

Nintendo 3DS adalah salah satu hot item bagi gamer di Jepang. Handheld terbaru Nintendo, sekaligus penerus DS, ini baru saja dirilis dan mendapat respon yang luar biasa. Sebetulnya seperti apa sih 3DS itu?

Bagi kamu yang masih penasaran bagaimana kedahsyatan 3DS, teman saya si Cheesemeister telah membuat kompilasi FAQ dan info-info seputar 3DS dan launching-nya kemarin.

Yuk, disimak sama-sama!!


How is the Internet browser? How can I access the eShop and what will be available? How can I transfer my DSiWare to the 3DS? This functionality will be included in the May firmware update. Will DSiWare be available from the eShop? All signs point to yes. Does the Circle Pad work with any old DS games? At least Super Mario 64 DS is reported to work. YMMV. Does the 3D slider click or anything when switching between 2D and 3D? No. What language options does the 3DS have? Language options depend on the region of the unit. In Japan, it's Japanese-only. Is the 3DS region-locked? Unfortunately, 3DS and DSi-specific games are region-locked.

Originally Posted by Eurogamer:

Are old DS games region-locked, too? No, they're all playable. How do old DS games look on the 3DS? By default, they're stretched to fit, though it's possible to reduce the display output to the original resolution. Hold the start and select buttons as you run the DS game. Do old DS games get logged like 3DS games do in the activity history? Yes. How do you set your favorite game? Scroll to your profile in the friend list and tap the icon at the top of the screen to change your favorite game. The Mii-related options are spread out across the friend list, Mii Studio, and Mii Plaza, so this can get a bit confusing. Can you name an old DS game as your favorite for your Mii profile? No. Does the system come charged out of the box? It reportedly has about half a charge, long enough to get set up and start playing. How long does the battery last? Depending on the settings and usage, between 3 and 5 hours. Standby has yet to be precisely measured, but it lasts longer than one is away from the charging cradle. What's the point of the charging cradle? Ease-of-use, really. It's easier to slap the system down in the cradle than to stick the wire into the back of the system and set it so it won't come out. The aim is probably to make the 3DS something that you want with you at all times. How are pictures stored? 3D pictured are saved to the SD card as two files, one JPG and one MPO. Can I view pictures taken on another 3DS? Yes. Files are stored as such...

  • \DCIM\100NIN03\HNI_0001.JPG
  • \DCIM\100NIN03\HNI_0001.MPO

You can have multiple folders at the "100NIN03" level with different digits, containing pictures that are identically-named in different folders. Can the 3DS will display MPO images from a non-3DS source? Yes, FinePix MPO files were successfully loaded target="_blank">here. How is music stored? The 3DS Sound Channel will detect MP3s stored anywhere on the SD card. Is the Sound Channel usable for things like playing/downloading RSS podcasts or Internet radio streams? For the music app, there doesn't appear to be anything specifically for downloading streams, but you could load MP3s anywhere on an SD card and the system will find it. How do Friend Codes work? How long are they, and can you rename them? Friend Codes are shared by all software system-wide. They are 12 digits, with hyphens after the 4th and 8th digits. There doesn't appear to be an option to rename your friends, as you automatically get their name and Mii when registered. Friend names are the same character length as the old DS. It also shows what your friends playing if online, how recently they were online if not, their pick for favorite game, and their greeting. All of 3DS online games use this friend list. Do both people need to add Friend Codes, or is it a request based system? If your friend adds you first, you will not see any sort of request on the system. When registering in exchange, though, your friend's profile data comes up right away. Can we now simply scan a Mii QR code with the 3DS camera, and not have to input the long Friend Codes? No, scanning QR codes simply adds custom Miis to the Mii Studio, not the Mii Plaza or friend list. The Wii has a "send Mii to..." option that you use to send Miis to registered friends. Does the 3DS have something like that available instead of scanning each other's QR codes? No, there currently isn't any private messaging to people on your friend list. Exporting and scanning Mii QR codes is how you would add Miis to the Mii Studio. Do you get the other person's Mii into the Mii Plaza by exchanging Friend Codes? No, exchanging Friend Codes adds a person's Mii and profile to the friend list, not the Mii Studio or Mii Plaza. How is StreetPass Puzzle? You get puzzle pieces from new people you meet through StreetPass. There are 15 tiles in each 5x3 puzzle to collect to form some image. The images will show scenes of Nintendo characters and such. Where can you wear the hats you earn in StreetPass Quest? Anywhere within the Mii Plaza program: StreetPass Puzzle and the Plaza itself. Hats do not appear in your friends list or the Mii Studio. In StreetPass Quest itself, your Mii is wearing a crown as the abducted royalty. Is turning StreetPass on & off quick and easy? Can it be done while you're playing a game? StreetPass settings are in the options for each game that uses it, so ease-of-use will vary by title. Wireless communications can be turned on and off by flicking a switch on the right-hand side of the unit. In Super Mario 64 DS, in the Options, there was an in-game option to turn the backlight on or off. Does this still work? This is unknown. Please PM me if you have Super Mario 64 DS and a 3DS to test. For people who are having eye strain/motion sickness, are you just switching the 3d between max and off? I'm pretty sure the slider doesn't make the effect stronger, it adjusts the focus because everyone's eyes are a little different. I'll be the first to tell you that you have to get the slider adjusted correctly, but a lot of the stress comes from getting out of the sweet spot and seeing cross-talk, getting light from the opposing image in the wrong eye. If you move your head or the system fast, it'll shutter the image like a lenticular card. It makes AR Games or anything using the gyro hard to play with 3D on. What if I damage/lose some of my AR cards? You can print out new ones with no problem. There is no data on the cards, only patterns which the AR-enabled software recognizes. You can even print out super-sized cards for some interesting AR photos with bigger characters. Is there rumble functionality? No. Is Pictochat still available? No. Can I use the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector with the 3DS? Yes. Are there any bugs or strange design choices? Yes.

  1. The indicator light for online friends and StreetPass doesn't always turn on when it should be. The indicator light for 3D doesn't always turn off when it should be.
  2. When new Miis appear in the Mii Plaza via StreetPass, exiting the Mii Plaza or going to the entrance to retrieve more new Miis before utilizing them in StreetPass Puzzle or StreetPass Quest forfeits their help. New StreetPass arrivals are limited to 10 people at a time. The Mii Plaza is not explained in the manual itself, but briefly outlined in an additional leaflet.
  3. You can see what your friends are doing in the friend list, but you can't message them individually. You can only set one message at a time to be broadcast to everyone who happens to look at the friend list. There are no friend requests, only mutual registrations.
  4. StreetPass functionality in the Sound Channel is limited to measuring affinity in musical tastes, and track picks are not shared. While tracks continue playing with the lid closed when headphones are inserted, it's not possible to keep them playing going into another program.

Are there any DS accessories that are incompatible with the 3DS? Yes. Face Training [NTR-014] Slide Adventure Magkid Slide Controller [NTR-012] Nintendo DS Browser Memory Expansion Cartridges [NTR-011][USG-007] Nintendo DS Headset [NTR-019] Nintendo DS Magnetic Stand [NTR-022] Nintendo DS Rumble Cartridges [NTR-008][USG-006] Daigassou! Band Brothers (Jam with the Band) Do normal headphones work? Yes. When is Pilotwings scheduled to be released in Japan? Spring. HARDWARE

  • Screens: 3.53" 400x240x2 3D parallax barrier screen, 3.02" 320x240 resistive touchscreen
  • Weight: 230g
  • Dimensions: 5.3" x 2.9" x 0.83" (134mm x 74mm x 21mm)
  • Colors: Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue
  • Graphics: PICA200
  • Input: Circle Pad, touchscreen, microphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, 3D depth slider, buttons: D-pad, A, B, X, Y, L, R, Start, Select, Home
  • Cameras: 3 640x480, 0.3 megapixel cameras, 1 interior and 2 exterior for 3D photos and possible future video
  • Media: 3DS cartridge, DS cartridge, SD card
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g wireless
  • Region-locking: All DSi and 3DS software region-locked, DS software remains region-free.

AVAILABILITY Approx. 400,000 units on Saturday, February 26th @ 25,000 yen ($300). Most stores open at 10 am Japan Time. Nationwide pre-orders took place on January 20th. eBay @ $450-498 NCSX (Cosmo Black/Aqua Blue) @ $460 Play Asia (Cosmo Black/Aqua Blue) - waiting list only LAUNCH SOFTWARE Segalanya Tentang 3DS Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D (Ubi Soft) @ 3,945 - 5,040 yen ($48-61)

Originally Posted by Famitsu:

We can confirm that the software is locked by region; inserting one of our Japanese 3DS games into our European machine produces no result at all – it's as if no card has been inserted. This remains a deeply disappointing decision for handheld devices which will be taking a lot of long-haul flights. (However,our European and Japanese 3DS consoles were able to swap data via StreetPass.)

Segalanya Tentang 3DSSegalanya Tentang 3DSSegalanya Tentang 3DS Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog & New Friends (Nintendo) @ 3,800 - 4,800 yen ($46-58) Nintendogs + Cats: Shiba & New Friends (Nintendo) @ 3,800 - 4,800 yen ($46-58) Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends (Nintendo) @ 3,800 - 4,800 yen ($46-58)

Originally Posted by Famitsu/1UP:

(6/6/6/5, 23 points)

Segalanya Tentang 3DS Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (Level 5) @ 4,700 - 5,980 yen ($57-72)

Originally Posted by Famitsu/1UP:

(10/9/9/10, 38 points): "The sheer fuzziness factor on all the pets is too cute. Watching them totter around in 3D is so calming, and the act of petting them has much more of a you-are-there feel to it. Keeping a dog and cat together gives you a huge number of must-see moments, and the ability to interact quickly and easily with other pet owners is great."

Segalanya Tentang 3DS Puzzle Bobble 3D (Square-Enix) @ 3,950 - 4,980 yen ($48-60)

Originally Posted by Famitsu:

(8/8/8/8, 32 points): "The simple interface and screen setup is similar to the rest of the series and put together very well. The animated parts are in 3D and there are a variety of new features and game gimmicks, but the play style hasn't changed much. It's a natural progression for the series, 3D support included."

Segalanya Tentang 3DS Ridge Racer 3D (Bandai-Namco) @ 4,790 - 6,090 yen ($58-73)

Originally Posted by Tom Bramwell, Eurogamer:

(6/6/6/6, 24 points)

Originally Posted by Famitsu/1UP:

(8/10): "Once you penetrate beyond the first few hours of torpid "Basic" races and start earning the praise continually heaped on you regardless by the game's obsequious announcer lady, this is a Ridge Racer experience that could be unlike any other. It has the pace, it has a solid structure and it has a new edge thanks to that magic 3D slider."

Segalanya Tentang 3DS Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (Koei-Tecmo) @ 4,800 - 6,090 yen ($58-73)

Originally Posted by Famitsu/1UP:

(8/8/7/9, 32 points): "The courses are full of floaty jumps and other gimmicks to get you inside the game more. Racing across them is pretty fun, and the drifting (which tends to throw off beginners in other games) is simple to pull off. The rival cars you race in Grand Prix mode and so on are pretty tough, though, and I wonder if the game's still too hard overall. A difficulty selection would have been nice."

Segalanya Tentang 3DS Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (Capcom) @ 3,800 - 4,800 yen ($46-58)

Originally Posted by Tamoor Hussain, CVG:

(9/9/8/8, 34 points): "Nothing has changed much in the DW formula, but switching between characters while shouting out orders to your side gives this game a new sort of real-time strategy feel. Going 3D makes it easier to gauge positioning between yourself and enemies, which makes the game easier overall."

Originally Posted by Famitsu/1UP:

(9/10): "Capcom has managed an incredible feat; it's taken a deep, complex fighting game designed for arcades and consoles and crammed it onto a less-powerful portable platform without making hardly any sacrifices. If you'd have told us back in 2008 that we'd soon be playing this new, incredible-looking fighter on a handheld smaller than a notebook, frankly we'd tell you to do one."

Originally Posted by Danny Bivens, Nintendo World Report:

(9/8/8/9, 34 points): "The way you can use the touch screen to launch even charge moves in an instant is actually kind of revolutionary for the series, a change that I think could lead to some neat new tactics. Despite that, the controls can still be very difficult at times, even with the ability to redefine buttons. Whether you're able to overlook that will define your overall the opinion of the game."

Segalanya Tentang 3DS Winning Eleven 3DSoccer (Konami) @ 4,599 - 5,800 yen ($55-70)

Originally Posted by Famitsu:

(8.5/10): "Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is easily one of the best launch titles available for the 3DS. With a great online system, a plethora of characters to choose from, beautiful visuals, and tons of options, there is truly a lot to like with this solid fighter. While the experience has it warts, Capcom has definitely served up a winner and is providing gamers with one of the best handheld fighting experiences on the market today."

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