[Mr. Jas’ Lecture] Education Game, Is It Important?

Halo, everyone, have you heard about education game? In our lecture this time we will discuss everything about education game and why game can be a facility for education

[Mr. Jas’ Lecture] Education Game, Is It Important?

[Mr. Jas’ Lecture] Education Game, Is It Important?

Halo, everyone, have you heard about education game? Yes, the game which contains learning for a something. Wanna know the example? It’s just by chance Mr. Jas just released an education game titled Meduca: Arithmetic Education. You should try, in our lecture this time we will discuss everything about education game and why game can be a facility for education. So maybe afterwards there will be one of us who want to improve nation’s education through education game development.

[Mr. Jas’ Lecture] Education Game, Is It Important?

The use of game as education facility is actually not a wrong thing because the game is naturally interactive and entertaining as well. The psychological condition of mostly human indirectly loves to play more than seriously study. In education game, the learning is given through the practice or learning by doing. Therefore in Mr. Jas’s opinion, the education should be challenging and exciting, not boring so educating through game is one of right alternatives.

Education Game usually appears as puzzle so it sharpens the brain to solve the problems in the puzzle. However, nowadays there are lot of education games which use other genre because the most important in the education game is to educate the players to master something and it’s useful for themselves.

In order a game can be called an education game, there are few important things inside, what are they? Let’s discuss it one by one.

1. Productive

Education game must be able to develop our productivity from us, gamers. Therefore, the main idea from the game will hit and be saved in our memories as gamers so someday it can innovate and stimulate our creativity in creating something new. For example is Crazy Machine game, sometimes it can make us to think of new things we never thought before.

[Mr. Jas’ Lecture] Education Game, Is It Important?

2. Active

Education game needs to develop our active behavior so that indirectly it develops rough and soft motor neurons in us the gamers. Many games in WIi console which now are using Kinect of PS move and bring us to be active.

3. Effective and Efficient

An education game of course needs to have impact for the gamers’ life, for example in Brain Challenge, gamers become fast thinkers or more analytical over time. Besides that, about timing, gamers who want to learn soon don’t need to wait the class to begin, it can be played anytime and anywhere so it can be told that education game is efficient.

4. Creative

Through education game, at least gamer can think some other ways o solve the problem and it doesn’t have to use one way only so it stimulates gamers to be creative and not only to wait other people to solve it then imitate it.

5. Exciting

Education game is indeed still a game, so don’t lose the exciting element in the game because of the material content and how monotone the gameplay is. Therefore the game should make the gamers smarter slowly but sure without leaving excitement in playing. Therefore education game, without being realized, should be useful in developing IQ, EQ, and SQ. AS example in Puzzle Hero, here, we are trained to solve puzzle but with heavy Role Playing Game element so the RPG fans will not lose excitement when playing the game.

[Mr. Jas’ Lecture] Education Game, Is It Important?

Do you wanna know the use of education game for us? Let’s check it one by one.

1. Able to train concentration

The older the age of the gamers, the less the comprehension is. Therefore the game and teaching which use right tool and media will help maintaining the comprehension.

2. Teaching something faster in relatively short time

If the lesson is only presented in words, maybe it can be delivered or it can create misunderstanding. However, with the help of right tool and media like education game, teacher can explain quickly and achieve the learning success indicators quicker.

3. Improving comprehension and memory

In explaining something if we use right media of course it’s easier to understand and it deepens learning experience also children’s memory. From the sight and hearing senses, the children can understand the difference in definition, color also shapes through education game. This is one of education game’s benefits for the young gamers.

4. Making learning process exciting

Monotone teaching way is surely boring. However it is delivered in different form, media, of course it will be exciting and able to rise up our learning motivation.

5. Awaking emotion

Delivering a material with interesting media of course is more successful than just using speech. With interesting media of course it awakes our emotion, attention to the material and also to the media. For example there is education game which has story, the main idea will be easier to be absorbed.

6. Able to solve language limitation

Culture difference often brings misunderstanding but with media, it’s able to overcome the misunderstanding of our limitation to understand a language. Some education games are also directed for language learning.

7. Improving communication ability

With education game surely stimulates the gamers to connect and communicate with other people. At least with educating game, it will lead us to many questions and imagination which will be asked to teachers, parents, or our peers as gamers.

So it’s clear that education game is important for interactive and exciting learning. Mr. Jas hopes for us the game developers also start to think to develop education game in order to make gamers smarter. Hopefully Mr. Jas’s lecture this time is beneficial, don’t forget to follow Mr. Jas’s lecture next time!

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