Mojiken Studio Releases Vamp’s Revenge, Addictive Mixed Genre!

After previously released an experimental game titled Ninjakira Combo Showdown, this time Mojiken Studio releases another casual game which is addictive titled Vamp’s Revenge.

Mojiken Studio Releases Vamp’s Revenge, Addictive Mixed Genre!

In these recent years there are more game developers appear in Indonesia, both individual and those who form the studio. One of them is the Mojiken Studio, a studio from Surabaya which just formed on last August 2013. After previously released an experimental game titled Ninjakira Combo Showdown, this time the game developer that has all 10 artist members releases another casual game which is addictive titled Vamp’s Revenge. Vamp’s Revenge itself was released only several days after Mojiken brought it to follow Indie Prize Casual Connect Asia 2014 on last 20 to 22 May 2014. In this game, player is invited to enjoy mixed genre offered, from the launcher, platformer and beat ‘em up. The combination of some unique and addictive genres which becomes one of Vamp’s Revenge’s attractions when it was exhibited in last Indie Prize Showcase, besides displaying funny graphical style which is full of colors. Mojiken Studio on last Indie Prize Casual Connect Asia 2014[/caption] Vamp’s Revenge tells a story about little vampire who is always bullied by its eternal enemy, Wolfy, which is figured as Werewolf. Every time the vampire enjoys the life, Wolfy always comes and destroy it. Until one day the vampire grows up as an adult and falls in love to a woman whom he meets for the first time. As usual, Wolfy starts to “destroy” the happiness from the vampire. This time, the vampire isn’t standing still, and plans to avenge Wolfy by destroying the moon that has become the main power source. As I mentioned earlier, this game combines launcher games, platformer and beat ‘em up in one game at once. “At first our idea was to create a game that has mechanic launch, so the purpose is becoming the highest or the farthest. The most inspiring thing that time was Knightmare Tower/Buritto Bison,” states Eka Pramudita, CEO of Mojiken Studio and the chairman of Arek Suroboyo Game Developer to “What we want is the player can get the “ascending” feel like Knightmare Tower, as if the enemies thrown at us. We also want to take element from Doodle Jump, which jumps on the platform,” he continues.

In this game, you only need one movement and one mouse click to play. You need to click the mouse when the bar shows the maximum level in the early launch and control the vampire by moving the mouse to right and left. Along the way, you can beat the enemy which blocks you while collecting the available coins. But beware! Because there are more enemies like Imp which has horn that you cannot hit and needs to be avoided since it hurts you! The beat ‘em up genre is displayed when you are in Realm Fight mini game. Your task is to beat the incoming enemies from all directions using left clicking mouse as much as possible before you run out of lives. About this mini game, Eka has interesting story. “At first, rather than do nothing when the game is loading, we give player the beating game. The main idea is defending, and in order to fit in with the smashing game mechanic, so we use beating. We just realized that the mini game system in the loading time is already patented. Finally, rather than being thrown away, we already have the asset anyway, we insert it into the gameplay,” Eka states.

Jack’s Revenge, the origin of Vamp’s Revenge which was cancelled to release on last year’s Halloween[/caption]

Jack’s Revenge Gameplay[/caption] This game also has some other features from upgrade system to improve the power of the vampire, various missions that you need to achieve in order to get additional coins, to the achievement system. Eka describes more about interesting story in creating this game. “In the beginning of this game creation, we actually want to make something thematic, so we use the Halloween theme. At first the game was titled Jack’s Revenge which told about Jack o’ Lantern who wanted to avenge because he was sabotaged and left out on Halloween’s night. Turned out, the game was not finished on time in the Halloween. The solution we thought about was to throw away all the assets with Halloween theme and finally we thought about the relevant character with environment and other assets already made, in order not to rework from the beginning. Then we remembered the Twilight movie, haha...” Eka describes. With two casual games released, Mojiken which has mostly artist members hopes every one of them later can release their own games. “in the future, we want to try small lgames, like HTML 5 types game.  So later every artist in Mojiken can release their own games,” Eka hopes. “The one that opens the path is Ninjakira Combo Showdown, which I did with one of Mojiken programmers,” he continues. [youtube id="cqXl9NDhH4s"] Interested to try mixed genre a la Mojiken Studiio in this Vamp’s Revenge? You can play it directly free through this link. Help the vampire to complete the revenge mission to Wolfy!

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