Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

Video game industry has been developed very rapidly in this last ten years. this article will analyze the growth of world's video game growth.

Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

Video game industry has been developed very rapidly in this last ten years. Industry which is firstly associated with children game has evolved to become all age ranges entertainment industry with tens of billions dollars value. This makes video game industry very calculated, this article will analyze the growth of world's video game growth.

The growth of video game industry firstly is monoplozied by both hardware and software developers of video game in US, Japan and Europe. Fast technology's progress and global era create easiness for those to involve and enter the global market. Even in Indonesia, many video game software developers, both application and platform has been found.

Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

A lot of talented Indonesian developers, good market response both from local side and international makes Indonesia quickly becomes one of countries considered in video game industry. At first Indonesia's video game industry market has been occupied by foreigners from the high console sale (although most of game that time were pirated), online games made abroad brought by local companies or multinational companies, also game applications in smartphone and tablet which are easily downloaded in any platform. This condition forces local developers non to be specialixed with double standard by the consumers. They need to compete with foreign developers directly on any video game media. The result is local developers directly are forced to enter global market and prove their existence to the whole world.

With the platform's opening in smartphone, tablet and next generation consoles, Indonesian developers must be ready to move forward to larger market. This article will explain the growth of video game globally, both from sales side and future'scondition prediction that will happen.

Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

In one of Gartner's studies on October 2013, annual video game industry's growth rate is mentioned at 18.3% globally. They even predict that this rate will increase to USD 128 trillion later on 2017. The rapid growth is predicted to happen on all video game platrform, except PC and handheld.

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Mobile Segment

Through high smartphone and tablet sales, gamers who access video game from these devices increase drastically in these past three years. Video game has become the most popular application in these platforms and occupies market globally. The platform's growth potential is still very high. A study mentions that the increase of smartphone and tablet sales is predicted will rise until next five years until reaches 58.9%.

Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

This rapid growth even makes the hardware developers ready to create smartphone and tablet focused in video game playing's need. Even some developers have created video game machine with operation system used by smartphone and tablet platform.

Monetized form offered is also various, from the premium game which sells video game directly with determined price, freemium which is freely played with purchase in game or which is purely free a.k.a free to play with advertising as the replacement. The what is the most effective method? Application sale in video game or app-in purchase contributes 17.2% from mobile game's total revenue. Premium game is on greateer rat, that is 75.9%.

Meanwhile mobile gaming in handheld segment is predicted will be on its peak on previous 2012 and will keep decreasing until 2017. In the function which offers game played everywhere, tablet and smartphone will grow more quickly from handheld like PSVita and 3DS. Through the rapid specification development in smartphone and tablet, some parties have predivter that tablet ans smartphone are slowly replacing PSVIta and 3DS.

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Console Segment

Two giant companies, Sony and Microsoft has started new chapter in console battle. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which are just launcehd will soon race one after another on sales with great amount. Although mobile platform develops drastically, many parties have predicted console will become the game centre of game industry globally.

Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

Occupying 47.5% of global video game, console sale totally is predicted to reach USD 15.9 trillion. This rate is predicted will keep developing in next five years until USD 25.8 trillion. In this stage, hardware sale is predicted to decrease. However, with the high user amount, software sale will surely on its peak.

How about Indonesia? Consoles have been known by Indonesian gamers since 80s era. However in since that era until today, Indonesia has high ampunt consumers only in hardware sale, meanwhile software sale is still dominated by pirating. Nevertheless, the appreciation rate from Indonesian has increased drastically in this past ten years. With various feature and update offered, some gamers even committe to only play original software.

Indonesian gamers evolution on console game even makes Sony interested to launch Playstation4 directly in Indonesia. Access to gain support directly will invrease Indoensian gamers interest to play legally. If Microsoft follow this step, it'snot impossible Indonesia becomes one of considered consumers in South East Asia.

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Online and PC Segment

Although it is very popular, online and PC game sales decrease year after year. This happens since the mobile game demand rate which has greatest amount is from society with middle to low classIT facility. Therefore, most of gamers choose to play their games on easier platforms.

Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

PC sales decreases on last 2012 with 4.0% globally. Online game and PC popularity is still preserved through certain titles that has been acknowledged by many parties. Although keeps decreasing, some companies like Valve and Electronic Arts have committed to keep on supporting this platform. Meanwhile, the revenue from account subscribing fee is stable with possibilty to dcrease. This shows that MMO games still has potential to develop.

In Indonesia itself, online and PC game has the greatest market. This happens since game sales on mobile platform (smartphone and tablet) is a lot smaller than voucher sales and goods purchase in MMO game. Infrastructure growth planned will support growth in those two platform, but the condition of PC and online game will change from online cafe users to home based users

Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

Source: Gartner (October 2013)

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