All You Have to Know: The Witcher

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All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

The Witcher is a fantasy tale set in the kingdom of Temeria, adapted from a series of novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher series tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, a silver haired amnesiac who specializes in slaying monsters and solving human problems. Geralt is a witcher, a breed of mutants trained to protect humans from monsters. Witchers are often reviled by common people, being seen as unnatural or dangerous due to their superhuman abilities and gross albino-like appearance, but they are who the people turn to when shit goes down. When Geralt's not busy plunging his silver sword through the heart of drowners, he can be found chugging dwarven liquor at an inn or furiously ploughing the wenches-in-distress he saves from monsters and humans who act like monsters.

The Witcher is based on a true story.

[Rock Paper Shotgun: How The Witcher Dealt with Choice]

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[ target="_blank">What is a Witcher?]

[ target="_blank">Story Recap] <---- watch this!

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

After helping to stop the rebellion undertaken by the Order of the Flaming Rose and saving King Foltest’s life, Geralt became one of the central figures of political turmoil in the Kingdom of Temeria. Geralt continues to protect the King in the monarch’s mission to bring peace to his state. The last bastions of the Order yielded to the royal army. The only remaining task is to pacify the rebellious castle of Baroness La Valette, who announced separation from the Kingdom. It’s been a month since the attempted assassination of the king, when his army arrives at the gates of Baroness La Valette’s fortress in preparation for the final battle. In the meantime, Geralt, stuck with Foltest, cannot begin his personal quest - to discover the origin and identity of the mysterious witcher-like assassin responsible for the attempt on the king’s life - a quest that would answer many questions.

Like TW1, TW2 is neither a linear cinematic experience or an open world game. It's a target="_blank">mature, narrative driven RPG with branching paths. TW1's divisive timing based combat is replaced by a real time combat system influenced by Batman: Arkham Asylum and Demon's Souls. Alchemy and crafting are still important, but the systems have been overhauled to be more intuitive. Between the prologue and epilogue, there are three main acts.

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[ target="_blank">Disdain and Fear Trailer] (minor spoilers)

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All You Have to Know: The Witcher

Geralt's bros from TW1.

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

Geralt and the sorceress Triss are friends with benefits. On and off again, but never truly committed.

[ target="_blank">I Missed You]


All You Have to Know: The Witcher

Songwriter, poet and lady killer. Lets his crank do the thinking for him, but he's always loyal to his friend Geralt.

[ target="_blank">Dandelion's Song]


Along with me and the other witchers, Triss fought in defense of Kaer Morhen. The sorceress stood against the mysterious mage, one of the leaders of the assault. She was injured and lost consciousness. Ironically, Triss is allergic to magic and she can only be administered natural healing potions. Triss Merigold is my friend. She saw me die and my return to the world of the living surprised her. Triss is a sorceress — one of the most influential and talented of her kind. She has numerous powerful friends, and she knows the Kaer Morhen witchers. I have a feeling Triss likes me a lot.

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

A bearded dwarf who drinks a lot of booze and dispels wisdom. You get the idea.

[ target="_blank">The Meaning of Life]


I met Dandelion, the famous bard and poet, who has supposedly always been my best friend. From what I've heard, Dandelion is an indefatigable windbag, a buffoon and a wastrel. He is also a womanizer with an incredible talent for getting into trouble. At the same time, Dandelion is a truly talented artist, despite his tendency to wander the countryside and eke out a living through occasional performances. Dandelion got into trouble and I had to help him out. Everything I've heard about him has proven to be true.....I ran into Dandelion again and I think it was no coincidence. Either Dandelion wants to aid me in my search or he wants to witness the end of this journey so he can compose a ballad afterwards. It could also be both.

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

[Gaming Nexus] - Adam Badowsk (head of CDPR RED studio) on the porting experience:

On "adapting" to a console:


I helped a dwarf being attacked by racists. He recognized me as an old friend of his. The dwarf's name is Zoltan Chivay. He claims to have witnessed my death years ago in Rivia. Zoltan seems reasonable and pragmatic. He takes the world with a grain of salt and sees irony in most things. Just like other nonhumans, he also seems vexed by the racist atmosphere in Temeria.

On getting newcomers up to speed with TW1 and Temaria:


We’ve rewritten the game code so it feels native to the console. We’ve rebuilt large parts of the game so we can achieve the same fidelity of gameplay that we have in the PC version. You’ll be amazed by how much we squeezed out of the Xbox 360. We dare say The Witcher 2 is one of the best looking games ever to be released on this platform. On seeing the X360 version for the first time, many people were amazed that it looks almost as good as it does on the PC. Also we re-adapted the controls for the Xbox gamepad, that is to say, the PC version supported gamepad controls, but now they’re close to being perfect.

On censorship:


Don’t worry, we added some content to the Enhanced Edition to make new players familiar with both – the game world and the first part of the series.

On installing the discs:


We have not censored anything. Xbox players will get the same mature, non-linear and complex story PC gamers got. We’ve made moral gray areas a trademark of the Witcher series. Players face tough, morally difficult decisions. The consequences of these are substantial and permeate the game world.

On the chances of the interface and gamepad redesigns coming to PC:


What I would like to say to gamers is that we highly recommend installing the game to the Xbox hard drive. If you want to get the most of our hard work and really see why many people were bowled over by The Witcher 2’s environments, don’t play the game directly from the discs.

[ target="_blank">1UP: 360 Dev Diary]

[2 Hours of 360 Gameplay]

[360 Screenshot Gallery]

[ target="_blank">Gamespot: 360 vs. PC Comparison]

[2 discs - 15.4gb total]

[360 Box Art]

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

Preload available on April 11th (10GBs)

New shit:


The re-design of controls I mentioned before was done for the benefit of Xbox players. These changes will not apply to the PC version. We are leaving the control system unchanged. As I mentioned, all the other in-game content will be available for free to PC users.

The big list of changes: (contains some hints to spoilers - don't read if you haven't beat the game)


New major adventures set in new locations. These consist of an underground system of chambers beneath Loc Muine and a temperate coniferous forest in the Loc Muine mountains, and a secret cave passage. These new adventures will add several hours of story-based gameplay to the game.New major characters to the Witcher story. One of them is Brigida Papebrock Dame. This noble woman comes from the Temerian family Papebrock and is a 30 year old lady-in-waiting of the Temerian court. The other characters are secret--for now!

All new animations and cut scenes, including a new, three and a half minute pre-rendered cinematic depicting the assassination of King Demavend of Aedirn. BAFTA Award winner and Academy Award nominee Tomasz Baginski brings this key historical event to life, setting the stage for the story told in The Witcher 2.

Note: This upgrade is available to everyone who has bought The Witcher 2, not just folks who bought it from The upgrade will be free from now until the heat death of the universe, available through the in-game launcher.

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

All You Have to Know: The Witcher

Q. How long is the Witcher?

A. 8 inches, flaccid.

Q. Will Geralt of Rivia be joining characters such as NATHAN DRAKE, RATCHET & CLANK, and HELGHAST SOLDIER on the SONY PS3™ ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM?

A. It's not off the table, but don't get your hopes up. The Red Engine was designed with both 360 and PS3 in mind, but CDPR are "focused" on the 360 version for now. Buy a PC or 360, dummy.

Q. I want to spend extra money on this game, are there special editions?

A. Yes. Click this shit for the details:


Q. Man, this game is hard. Any combat tips?


Q. Is Zoltan romanceable?

A. No.

Q. Since it will be asked a million times: should I play TW1 first?

A. Yes. It's a great RPG, and playing it will familiarize you with the lore and characters of The Witcher. That said, most of TW1's most important plotlines are self contained, so you should be fine as long as you watch a few recaps.

Artikel terkait


1. Launcher now includes an option to toggle DLCs off and on.

2. Assorted animals have been added to the game.

3. New werewolf trophy has been added in Chapter 3.

4. New, randomly dispersed swords have been added.

5. Fixed error in potions_time_bonus value at level 2 of ‘Specialization: Potions’ ability.

6. Fixed description of 'Control over the Power' ability.

7. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Alchemist’ ability.

8. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Amplification’ ability at level 2.

9. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Energy Flow’ ability at level 2.

10. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Control over the Power’ ability at level 2.

11. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Synthesis’ ability at level 2.

12. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Combat Acumen’ ability.

13. Fixed incorrect description of Gadwall potion.

14. ‘Position’ ability at level 2 now multiplies damage dealt to back by zero.

15. Fixed incorrect damage calculation for ‘Whirl’ ability.

16. Fixed spark FX and no damage taken when rolling while being attacked by foe.

17. Fixed incorrect notification when using Axii Sign on golems.

18. Mahakam Rune Sihil sword is now imported from TW1 game saves to New Game.

19. Parry and Signs are now improved when Geralt has increased Vigor.

20. Parry bug has been fixed. Players can no longer parry for 0 damage.

21. Quen Sign has been significantly nerfed. It now wears off after one or two hits.

22. Adrenaline no longer loads during boss fights.

23. Fixed bug that caused Igni to deal no damage when used right after a sword hit.

24. Fixed incorrect game behavior when saving game while casting bombs.

25. Kayran now casts fewer stones at end of fight.

26. Fixed bug allowing potions to be consumed with Toxicity at 100%.

27. Finisher performed on rotfiends no longer adds additional weapon.

28. Redanian soldiers in Chapter 3 now spawn correctly.

29. Fire now removes Quen Sign during dragon boss fight in Chapter 3.

30. Fixed targeting on dragon in Chapter 3.

31. Added new statistics for NPCs to correct game balance in Chapter 3.

32. Cat potion effect now disappears during dialogue sequences and cut scenes.

33. Target marker and enemy names have been removed from fist fights.

34. Fixed display name for wraiths.

35. Small fixes introduced in NPC taunt behavior during fights.

36. Fixed NPC behavior after combat.

37. All critical effects dealt to player are canceled before any scene starts.

38. Fixed unusual behavior of clothing when using Heliotrope Sign.

39. Small fixes introduced in Dice Poker mini-game.

40. Several fixes introduced in mini-maps.

41. Fixed several camera shots in dialogue sequences.

42. Fixed dialogue camera in ‘Blood Curse’ quest.

43. Walkmesh fixed in Roche’s tent.

44. Walkmesh fixed in Chapter 3 sewers.

45. Walkmesh fixed when following Roche on Chapter 3.

46. Walkmesh fixed in central square of Loc Muinne.

47. Walkmesh fixed near Nilfgaardian camp in Chapter 3.

48. Fixed several camera collisions.

49. Fixed tent roof collisions in Chapter 3.

50. Fixed collisions in butcher’s house in Flotsam.

51. Fixed collisions on Roche’s ship.

52. Fixed chest collision on ship in Chapter 2.

53. Fixed broken poster at Flotsam gate.

54. Fixed Temerian flag collision.

55. Fixed several locations, decorations, walkmeshes and occluders.

56. Small fixes made in environment blending.

57. Assorted fixes made in character lighting.

58. Fixed flying meshes in Prologue.

59. Fixed blinking trees in Chapter 3.

60. Fixed blinking grass on Draug location.

61. Fixed low detail texture on rock in camp of the Order of the Flaming Rose.

62. Fixed Wild Hunt graphics in Chapter 3.

63. Fixed clock in Meditation panel.

64. Fixed broken texture during Meditation in UI.

65. Fixed spyglass icon in Inventory.

66. Added mages’ banner to Epilogue in Loc Muinne.

67. Added Nilfgaardian flags in Chapter 3.

68. Added new FX for magic in Epilogue.

69. Fixed trade stalls in Flotsam so they close at night.

70. Fixed Geralt’s head on cut scene in Prologue.

71. Fixed Golem’s facial expressions.

72. Fixed ragdoll effect on Golem’s body.

73. Fixed ragdoll effect on nekkers.

74. Fixed distortions on Saskia’s voice in cut scene in Chapter 2.

75. ‘Sneak’ mode music is now saved and reappears when a game is loaded.

76. Several fixes introduced in cut scene audio.

77. Fixed cut-scene sound synchronization.

78. Missing sounds supplemented in Chapter 3 cut scenes.

79. Balance of sound and music fixed in Epilogue.

80. Fixed problems with music playback in Epilogue.

81. Fixed reverb in sewers in Chapter 3.

82. Fixed mage teleport sound effect.

83. Fixed crowd in amphitheatre in Chapter 3.

84. Fixed waypoint for Geralt’s death cut scene in Loc Muinne.

85. Fixed situation whereby Geralt could tell Dethmold that he had a spearhead when this was not present in the Inventory.

86. Triss now always casts spell when interviewing wounded elf in Chapter 1.

87. Shilard now holds the Triss figurine when showing it to Assire.

88. Fixed block on Roche’s movement during fight against soldiers on the walls in Chapter 3.

89. Fixed blocker in ‘Conspiracy’ quest in Chapter 2.

90. Items collected in Prologue now appear in correct slots at the opening of Chapter 1.

91. Fixed interaction with Síle’s megascope in Chapter 3.

92. Fixed highlight effect on doors when using Medallion in Chapter 3.

93. Chest can now be looted after fight with Letho in Chapter 1.

94. Added loot to Dethmold’s chest.

95. Fixed loot in containers in Chapter 3.

96. Fixed Letho’s gestures in dialogue sequence in Chapter 3.

97. Fixed a number of inconsistent Journal entries.

98. Fixed Dethmold’s grimoire so it appears in ‘Quest Item’ category in Inventory.

99. Fixed instances where ‘Esc Menu’ could not be accessed.

100. Game can now be saved while walking through the forest with Anezka.

101. Assorted fixes made in game saving functionality and associated menus.

102. Assorted localization improvements have been made.